Session Information

Session types and fees

The session fee includes the time and talent of the photographer, the portrait session, enhancement of the images, and a product ordering appointment.


Session fees do not include products or digital files.

You can expect between 30 and 40 fully enhanced images in your final gallery, excluding mini sessions and commissioned digital paintings. 

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There are three options for your newborn session. Whether you want your newborn photographed with the whole family,  with siblings, or just the baby. I have industry specific training in the safe handling of newborn babies, so you can rest assured your infant will be kept safe at all times during their first portrait session. I am fully vaccinated and use hand sanitizer like it's going out of style.  The studio is stocked with a variety of stunning props in a variety of colours so we can fine tune the session to your particular style.  


Motherhood is a life altering change that deserves to be honoured with stunning imagery that will instantly take you back to those butterflies in your belly. 
Generally speaking 32-34 weeks gestation is a good time frame for the session. At this point your belly has definitely popped but you still have some energy left and that gorgeous glow, but ultimately the timing is completely up to you. 


Family portraits are all about connection, showcasing real familial relationships and personality. I like to do a mix of looking at the camera, and you interacting with each other. I guide the children by asking them questions and giving little directions to create fun wall worthy portraits, painlessly. 


The thing about children is they only ever have fun when they can be themselves, so we make sure they can do just that. I will sing songs, act silly,  or ask them silly questions, to get them giggling.. but if the child is shy and needs to take things slowly I definitely adapt and allow them to adjust,. You cannot rush an uncomfortable child and expect amazing results.


It should be a crime how quickly the first year goes by. You are so busy adjusting sometimes you forget to stop and look at the changes in your baby. Ideally I would like to see each of my newborns come back at 3 months when they can hold up their head for a few moments during tummy time, at 6-8 months when they are sitting up, and again around their first birthday. Each time you return we will coordinate with the other sessions for a cohesive look. All of the changes between each session will blow your mind, and I have something special for families who book all 4 sessions!

Digital Paintings

Want something more creative? I specialize in conceptual custom designed fine art digital paintings. With these the possibilities are truly endless. The subject of the painting is photographed and with my creative touch the photo becomes a jaw dropping piece of art. These are more than photos and are designed to be displayed within your home.  The session fee for paintings includes a $50 product credit towards something perfect for you and your home.  

Infant Milestones

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