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Take better photos of your family at home

You know what moment when you can't help but stare at your child in absolute awe? You just freeze and all you can think is how did I get so lucky?

Maybe they are napping, maybe playing, maybe just watching their favourite show... but you get an overwhelming flood of warm fuzzies while you stare at your babe.


How? Read on for tips from Bewilder Photography

First assess your light. Try to sit near a window and turn off overhead lighting. Take a second to remove distracting clutter from the space if it will bother you in the final image. Sometimes I choose to leave the clutter, if it helps tells the story like in the next image of my son just exhausted from a busy day of playing.

Think about meaningful moments for your family to focus on... Traditions, family game nights, pets, it can be anything as long as it matters to you.

Capture what makes today special.

Document routine.

Play with perspective by capturing the shot from a high or low angle.

If the image has too many different colours and you find it distracting try switching it to black and white.

The best way to capture a child's true personality is to play with them. Let them take the lead, get down and join in - without lifting your camera. The key is to know when to grab your camera and when to put it back down. Wait for the moment, snap away and then return to play. This will result in real connection, a fun experience, and great memories.

Quick ideas to set up for fun images:

painting playing in the mud board games festive fun - Halloween costume, decorating eggs, baking cookies, etc. planting a garden watching a movie playing with toys looking at clouds reading a book have another parent fly the child around the room in their arms blanket forts colouring playing with pets school work meal times hide and seek science experiments (vinegar and baking soda) I spy out the window dress up let them get bored and capture whatever they get up to

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