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Studio Tour

Updated: Feb 10

Welcome to my cozy studio. I put a lot of thought into how I wanted this space to look. I really wanted this to be a bright but calming place for parents to sit, take a break, sip some local fresh ground coffee brewed to perfection, and watch as the moments I capture unfold before their eyes.

It needed to be welcoming, have TONS of prop storage, be functional, and give off the clean but also rustic country feel that is Bewilder photography. I am addicted to baby props, so the collection is ever-growing. If your baby is being photographed here, you can rest assured that all of the props we use are washed after the session. The studio space is cleaned before and after each session. I politely request that all persons entering the indoor studio be up to date on all vaccinations currently suggested by the Canadian government to protect those most vulnerable, your newborns and those already fighting for their health.

For more information about the process of having your baby photographed, see the "session information" tab.


Bewilder Photography

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