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Newborns and Safety

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

Congratulations, you did it! You created perfection.

That squishy little bub in your arms or your belly is everything to you, so of course you would want to capture this amazing stage in their life. Babies change so drastically in their first year, but the newborn features can change just within the first few days of life. So it is rather likely that one of your first family excursions with your little one will be to their doctor and then photographer.

As one of the first places this new and fragile baby will visit I take safety very seriously. Hands are always washed and sanitized, the studio is freshly cleaned as are all props, and above all else the poses are safe for the baby.

Below is what is usually called the "froggy pose" and is often requested by new parents. This pose for example cannot be done safely in one shot. It must be post-processed to remove the person's hands supporting the baby's neck. A newborn neck is not strong enough to do poses like this without assistance, however with proper support this pose is perfectly safe and adorable!

The baby is posed while the weight of their head is being supported.

Certain props may also require extra support. The little man below is the son of a teacher, so when she saw my little desk in studio we decided to put this image together, but it had to be done safely!

There was never a moment without a pair of hands and eyes on him, because while newborns are not mobile the startle reflex does result in movement, and is unpredictable.

Unfinished photos as taken at the session.

After the portrait session the image is again post-processed to remove the supporting hands resulting in a wall-worthy image taken with your baby's safety in mind.

The final image is a composite of the two photos taken.

Please note that we do have two friendly and healthy dogs on site.

However, if they make you nervous please advise Mandee so they can be leashed during your session, we also have a shy cat.

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