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Happiness is homemade

Updated: Apr 12

It is so easy to miss the minute details that can be found in ordinary moments in the blur of a busy life.

You blink and they are SO grown up, and this happens often.

Your family has a unique love story that can be artistically and skillfully told, with even the simplest moments showcasing your connection, and celebrating your special moments.

Like Tasha, who has some creative news for us, watch until the end or you will miss the surprise.

"Life gets busy and then next thing you know they are in JK and talking back like nuts! Now we are expecting number 2 and we are going to make sure we soak up every single second, they just grow so fast and the little moments mean so much more than you realize. In the beginning I thought I'm never going to be able to do this, how can I be a good mom I don't know the first thing about it, then that little boy was put into my arms and it was like I just knew. I have much more patience then I did before, however my time management is still something I need to work on" - Tasha Davis

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