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Updated: Feb 10, 2020

Over the weekend I was lucky enough to meet 8 new friends! I'll start by introducing Tehya, she is believed to be an America Bulldog who was rescued as skin and bones. Tehya arrived at her new foster home with Laura on Jan 1st, she was very underweight, too young to be away from her litter and with food aggression already! Since she has been able to correct her aggression through what Laura calls "pack therapy". She now eats peacefully from the community food bowl. She was introduced to Dakota's litter at about a week old. She has watched them grow, played as part of the litter and has learned her manners from Dakota, Little Paw and Choya, Laura's 3 adult English Mastiffs. Tehya is now between 4 and 5 months old and is ready to find her new furever home. Her foster mom Laura is taking amazing care of her, and she is looking so healthy today. She can be described as kind of frantic, but in the most loving way. She doesn't stop wiggling, licking, and love nibbling, it's actually a miracle any of these shots were in focus, she never paused for a second!

Then we have the puppies, I met 7 in total. As is my luck, they were mostly boys, lol, 6 boys and just one girl. (side note, where are all the girls??? It seems like 99% of the babies, human or fur, I meet are boys!) Some of the puppies are still looking for furrrever homes, but that wont take long when these photos get out!

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